5 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing a Facelift Surgeon

Facelift surgery is performed to improve the appearance of your face and neck, and turn back the clock. Here are the questions you must ask your doctor when choosing a face lift surgeon:

1) What are your goals for surgery?

You will only be happy with a facelift if it achieves the improvement you desire. This sounds silly, but communication is the key to your happiness with the procedure. A facelift (medically known as a rhytidectomy) is performed to re-define the jaw line by eliminating the jowels and to re-contour and lift a hanging neck (turkey neck). There are other procedures to rejuvenate the face such as a brow lift (to lift the eyebrows) and a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). These procedures are not a face lift. It is important that you and your surgeon are on the same page, with the same goals of surgery.

2) What Kind of Facelift Technique Do You Perform and Why?
There are several different facelift techniques and few surgeons have experience with the most advanced techniques. These techniques include skin only lift, SMAS lift, extended SMAS lift, deep plane face lift and vertical lift. There is no one size fits all approach. Make sure that your surgeon can match the technique to your specific aging pattern and does not employ a cookie cutter approach.

Do not get confused by gimmicky terms like weekend lift, mini-lift, fast lift, etc… These are marketing terms devised for marketing purposes.

3) How often do you perform this surgery?
This is important to know. This type of surgery is very specialized. In order to get the best results you will need to seek out a surgeon with experience and specialization in the procedure.

4) How long after surgery are your before and after pictures?
It is always important to view before and after photos of the surgeon that you are choosing. Almost all photos look good shortly after surgery because of the swelling. If the photos are less then three months out, this can be misleading. Pictures from at least 6 months after surgery should be shown..

5) Can I speak to any of your patient?
Facelift patients are often very satisfied and willing to speak to others. If you have any questions or doubts ask the office to place you in contact with other patients that have had surgery by your physician. This can be very informative and make you a lot more comfortable with your decision.

The decision to have plastic surgery is a very important one. For comprehensive facelift information please visit the
Facelift Resource.

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