Using Dermal Fillers Instead of Surgical Facelift

A surgical facelift has become less and less popular today in cosmetic surgery clinics around the world as more and more people are turning to the liquid dermal fillers. Medical manufacturers have developed many great new products that can restore smoothness, contours and definition of the skin on your face as a facelift surgery would without the threat of going under the knife. There are several reasons dermal fillers are becoming more popular than the actual surgical process on the face and I will explore them in more detail below:

Cost: Because dermal fillers are not a one and done procedure you have to go into a medical clinic multiple times and receive multiple injections. Most cosmetic clinics charge by the amount of liquid you use and the charges can vary for the different type of product used and which clinic you use. After all injections have been completed and you are happy with the appearance of your facial skin you will find you saved your checkbook from the total cost of a complete facelift.

Not All or Nothing: When you use dermal fillers you have the ability to stop with injections at anytime unlike a face surgery. If you like the results of a few injections you can stop, save money and be happy with your appearance. Unlike the surgical procedure, a “liquid facelift” is not a dramatic change.

Affordable Upkeep: If a year or two goes by after your “liquid facelift” and your skin begins to lose its young look again, all it takes is a few injections to get it back. A few injections are much cheaper than trying to fix a surgery you are unhappy.

Healing Process: Since there are no actual cuts or stitches, you skin does not need much time to recover from your injections where a facial surgery can take a week or two to heal.

Pain: Although there is an immediate pain from your injection, it is not a great discomfort. Dermal injections feel like any other shot you have experienced before except in your face. Face surgery can be very painful and the recover can have great discomfort for a few days after your procedure.

More Patient Candidates: Since you do not need to be put under anesthesia there are certainly more candidates for the dermal fillers than a surgical facelift. More and more people are turned down for cosmetic surgery each year because their physical health puts them in danger if they were to go into surgery. Almost all patients who desired an improvement to their skin could be injected with a dermal filler injection.

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