Facelift: Helping You Look Younger Through Surgical Innovation and Skill

There is not a cream, pill, hairstyle, or clothing option that can turn back the clock like a facelift procedure can. When a top-notch plastic surgeon performs this procedure, you can receive smoother skin, an attractive facial contour restoration, muscle tone firmness, and much more. The purpose of facelifts is not to make you look like someone else, but can make you look and feel years younger than your calendar age.

It is important to do you research when choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your facelift procedure. You should find out the training they received, the schools they attended, whether they are board certified, and how long they have been performing facelift procedure. If you pick the wrong doctor you could end up with a wind tunnel or pulled appearance. A good plastic surgeon uses surgical methods to carefully trim away aging, lax skin. This helps you look more natural and your face’s underlying structures can be restored to a youthful state.

One of the most visible benefits of a facelift procedure is the ability to restore facial contour. A lower facelift eliminates jowls, restores jawline contour, and can smooth your neck. Mid facelifts can restore the smooth youthful appearance of your cheeks and lower eyelids. These procedures can be combined with liposuction in the facial area to address a fleshy neck, jowls, and additional areas where the skin is slack due to age.

It is definitely worth mentioning the psychological benefits a plastic surgery procedure can bring. As a person ages, there are noticeable differences in the appearance of the body. To others, the changes may not be that dramatic, but it can be alarming to the woman who has just discovered she has crow’s feet. Through a face-lift procedure that tightens, lifts, and evens, you can watch the wrinkles and deep creases vanish before your eyes. Looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good it can create a new lease on life for you.

If you cringe each morning when you look in the mirror at your jowls and sagging skin, it might be time to schedule a consultation to speak with a plastic surgeon about a facelift procedure. During your consultation you can discuss your expectations and the details about the procedure to include where the incision will be made, your recovery time, after care information, and when you can return to your normal activities.

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